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pulling moonlight down and wearing it skin tight

When people say someone is a child of two worlds, they usually don't mean it so literally. The daughter of a merrow noblewoman and a púca mage/artist, Caoimhe Iníon Saraid agus Iníon Tadhg grew up dividing her time between her mother's domain by and in the oceans of Faerie and her father's home in Santa Barbara. That is, she did when Tadhg MacEibhir wasn't taking her on fascinating journeys in both the daylight and twilight realms.

Although she belongs to both worlds, Caoimhe feels fully at home in neither of them. Her mother loves her unreservedly, but the other mer often look askance at her half-púca self, calling her hippocamp behind her back. In a quiet act of defiance at their superior attitude, she taught herself to take the shape of the half-horse/half-fish creature, discovering a talent for shapeshifting that she has continued to develop. As for the mortal world ... well. She adores her father and his family, most especially her youngest cousin, who gave her the nickname Kiki. But if her own kind seems to elude her understanding, mortal humans have proven downright baffling.

i see it with my eyes closed, what my heart knows

Stories will be written at any point in Kiki's timeline. For role-playing purposes, characters are most likely to meet Caoimhe at one of three ages:

Three years old, the age when her father Tadhg first meets her. I won't be RP-ing with wee Caoimhe specifically, but she may show up places with her Da.

Around thirty years old. Kiki comes to the Nexus searching, as so many do. For what, she may or may not reveal. She also comes equipped with a bodyguard, one Hoyd MacMurchadh, though whether he reveals himself will depend on circumstances.

Around thirty-six years old, her contemporary age with the journals of two of her cousins, Liam and Marcus.

This is a fictional journal! The writer claims ownership only of the character portrayed, not Sina-Valeska Jung or the lyrics to Over the Rhine's "The Seahorse". No money is being made and no harm or disrespect is intended. And Caoimhe is pronounced KWEE-va, btw. Yeah, that's why she often goes by Kiki. ;)


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